Gloria was a godsend for me during my wedding process. I was originally planning a wedding 9-months out, but due to an unexpected illness in the family, moved the wedding up by 7 months. Wedding planning can be stressful in general, but planning a wedding in 2 months in addition to taking care of a terminally ill family member was over my head. Gloria helped immensely. She did all of the floral arrangements for our wedding, which ended up being all the candles, 26 large wreaths, 3 garlands, 14 low table arrangements, one large hanging flower backdrop, my bridal headpiece, and wrist corsages and boutonnieres for all of our family members.

I found Gloria through a family friend’s recommendation, and she was incredibly accommodating, patient, and caring during the whole process, despite my panic and inability to attend to many details. I am so grateful for her support, and her incredibly beautiful handiwork.

I was able to have an initial meeting with Gloria at her beautiful home and knew right away that I loved her aesthetic. She asked me questions about my vision for the wedding, and I showed her a few photos I had collected. I had nothing thematic planned—no colors, no table plans, and at the point I first met her I may not have even had a venue yet. She did not chastise me for this, but instead was very understanding and enthusiastic about the few ideas I had, and reassured me that she would make things happen within my budget (which she did). She pieced together a plan based on what she understood to be my needs and wants, and asked helpful questions to narrow down options for things like vases and types of flowers.

From there, I let her do her thing, and I’m so glad I did. She was generous enough to do a walkthrough of the space once we finally booked a venue. We had a few check-ins, but overall I was able to trust her and she took total ownership of the process, which was such a huge relief for me. And she was so comforting to me during the process.

The results were outstanding!!! I could not have imagined more beautiful floral arrangements. She listened to what I wanted, and took it to the next level. All of the arrangements were very well made, and had a sort of classic-bohemian vibe. Her work warmed up the room on a chilly winter day, and made things feel festive and elegant. I didn’t want a cookie-cutter feel, and so I especially loved that each element was unique, yet everything was cohesive overall. The hanging flower backdrop in particular, which was a total whim I had with no sense of how to actually build it, was stunning. Gloria figured out all the details, and built it from scratch. We ended up taking our portraits in front of it, and it was one of the highlights of the whole space. My cousin actually imitated it at her own wedding the following year!

Gloria was professional and reassuring throughout the process. I highly, highly recommend her.
— Lissa