From start to finish, Gloria and her wonderful staff made our wedding the event of a lifetime. Not only is she fun to work with and be around, she can be as involved or as hands-off as you like.
The grounds are absolutely stunning, with a really comfortable, approachable feeling- sophisticated and immaculate but still like home and casual enough to be able to fully relax. The gardens are planted with care, the trees and lawn the epitome of rustic beauty. The house itself is a true beauty.
We had our bridesmaids brunch catered at the venue the day before our wedding, and not only did we each feel like royalty, we spent hours giggling and sipping sparkling drinks from elegant flues and generally spoiling ourselves rotten, all while being taken care of by Gloria and her staff.
We requested her help with our flower arrangements, which trend out even more beautifully than I could have imagined- and under budget too!! She hooked us up with a wonderful photographer and
She was able to work around several hectic events the day of, and was gracious and accommodating to several unplanned changes!

I really can’t recommend this experience enough- if you want to to have a wedding to remember, something to show off and remember fondly for the rest of your life- trust your wedding to Gloria
— Arielle